Green Remodeling: Oakland, Fremont, & Pleasanton

Residential Green Building For The Bay Area

The Bay Area is a leader in green remodeling; Oakland, Fremont, and the rest of the East Bay are no exception to that. Green remodeling utilizes the philosophy of sustainable materials, processes, and design. This includes recycled materials for things like countertops and tile, the use of bamboo instead of traditional wood, and many other practices, all resulting in minimal material waste and a smaller impact on the environment — and in many cases, lower energy bills for you.

Example Kitchen: Residential Green Building

The kitchen opens up many different possibilities for residential green building. A strategically placed and sized window can lower heating and lighting bills by providing a passive source of sunlight. Sustainable woods and/or recycled metals can build structures, such as a new island or a new sink. For winter heating purposes, remodeled walls can use recycled materials such as denim for insulation. All of these possibilities are available for Bay Area residents; whether you live in Oakland or Fremont, green remodeling is at your fingertips with D.W Henninger Construction &.

Green Remodeling Options

D.W Henninger Construction & uses an eco-friendly approach whenever possible to make the best use of recycled and sustainable materials. That’s standard practice for our company, but if a client specifically wants to know their residential green building options, they can consider:

  • Structures and cabinets
  • Wall insulation
  • Water systems
  • Heating systems
  • Light and heat window solutions
  • Decorative tiling and backsplashes

Not sure if your aesthetic and functional needs fit the green remodeling philosophy? (We bet they do, you may just not know it yet.) Contact D.W Henninger Construction &; for residents of Oakland and the rest of the Bay Area, we’d be happy to explore your green remodeling options.