Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel, San Francisco

Green Building San Francisco Homes

For San Francisco residents, bathroom remodel and kitchen remodel projects have never been easy — especially when you factor in the desire for green building practices. With so many unique sizes and styles throughout the city, matching your vision with the right contractor can be difficult, particularly when you want an eco-friendly approach using green materials. When San Francisco works with D.W Henninger Construction & the search for the right contractor ends and work on the perfect remodel project begins.

Henninger Building & Remodeling is committed to green building San Francisco remodel projects with a customer-centered philosophy. Using the latest technology, every D.W Henninger Construction & client is provided with a 3D computer simulation of the project before the first hammer is nailed — that means you’ll experience every detail with complete confidence. Henninger’s green-building philosophy includes everything from minimum-waste processes to recycled materials for an eco-friendly approach that maintains absolute top quality.

Kitchen Remodel: San Francisco

Whether you have a luxurious Victorian or one of San Francisco’s unique smaller homes, your kitchen remodel project can reclaim the heart of your home. Cook, laugh, and enjoy in a room that epitomizes your vision; a kitchen remodel can include anything from custom cabinets to expanding window spaces. And with a focus on green building, San Francisco residents know their eco-friendly standards are always upheld. Get started with a free San Francisco kitchen remodel consultation today.

See examples in our kitchen remodel portfolio.

Bathroom Remodel: San Francisco

The master bathroom is where you start your day and end your day, a place to gear up and unwind. San Francisco bathroom remodel projects are as unique as the city itself; from the elegant to the modern, it’s the place to express yourself while also providing a sanctuary from the daily grind. Henninger’s green building practices utilize items such as recycled tiles and materials, bringing your San Francisco bathroom remodel project to life while meeting your eco-friendly standards. Contact Henninger today for a free San Francisco bathroom remodel consultation.

See examples in our bathroom remodel portfolio.