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With years of experience in crafting luxurious bathrooms, Henninger Building & Remodeling is the premier Bay Area bathroom remodeling contractor available. With Henninger Building & Remodeling, your bathroom can be much more than a functional space for showering and brushing your teeth; in fact, the possibilities are limitless. Elegant lighting can illuminate the way, creating an oasis of relaxation. Distinct tiling can accent your color scheme and build the mood the instant you step in, and the options for showers and bathtubs can be both beautiful and functional.

As one of the top Bay Area remodelers to work with, Henninger Building & Remodeling approaches bathroom remodel projects as a blank canvas, creating whatever you want out of your home for the final result. Modern and minimilist designs can go hand-in-hand with robust functionality, the same way lush designs can use the latest fixture options. With Henninger Building & Remodeling, it’s all possible.

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Bay Area Bathroom Remodeling Done Your Way

The first step of Henninger’s signature process involves crafting a detailed 3D computer model of the finished design. Displayed on a projector, every client gets to see first-hand the virtual vision of their new bathroom before any work has even started. Combine that with an absolute commitment to customer service and you get a bathroom remodel process with no surprises, only results.

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