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East Bay Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Contractors

For kitchens, bathrooms, and other remodel projects, D.W Henninger Construction & is the premier East Bay construction contractor to work with. Servicing Oakland, San FranciscoWalnut Creek, Pleasanton, Fremont, Livermore, and the surrounding areas, D.W Henninger Construction & provides full-service East Bay construction. From renovations to complete additions, the home of your dreams is now within reach.

Utilizing the latest CAD technology, D.W Henninger Construction & works with you every step of the way to ensure that there are no surprises with your East Bay construction project. Kitchens, bathrooms, and new room additions are meticulously modeled on the computer in advance, and each East Bay client gets a complete 3D walkthrough using a video projector. You’ll be able to see the results before they happen, and with D.W Henninger Construction’s & renowned customer service, there will be no surprises along the way.

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Why The East Bay Chooses HBR

Who would you trust your East Bay kitchen remodel to? You want a construction contractor that’s personally overseeing every aspect of every detail — on site every day and always available should you have any questions or concerns. The D.W Henninger Construction’s & philosophy focuses on clear communication. That means:

  • Free initial consultations
  • Every facet of your East Bay construction project is meticulously detailed
  • All costs are itemized and presented up front
  • HBR’s founder is on-site every day to manage quality control
  • HBR’s experience allows for end-to-end construction with almost everything done in-house
  • A green remodeling process for Oakland, Fremont, and the rest of the East Bay

From high-end customized kitchen cabinets to basic remodeling, there’s a reason why the East Bay chooses D.W Henninger Construction &. With no surprises and the highest levels of quality control, it’s simply everything you want in an East Bay construction contractor.

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